Delia Martinez Case Study, G & W Service Co.

Client Profile:

delia residentialDelia Martinez: Homeowner in south belt area with a home built 1998 with high electric bills during the summer above $275.00 per month along with unexpected life of the current HVAC system that she had was her main issues:

Delia was tired of high electric bills in the summer’s months, not keeping her desired temperatures on hot Texas summer days with winter issues of uneven heating throughout her home, not to mention very noisy inside furnace with a outside unit that she could hear inside her home when it called for cooling.

The Solution:

G&W worked with the home owner to solve her issues, we were up for the challenge to correct her concerns. Our team turned to American Standard equipment for the replacement solution. New 16 Seer system was installed to make a more comfortable home, along with a high efficient furnace and cooling coil with a whole house filter system for better filtration, an air balance of the home with couple of duct repairs to get her air back to her master bathroom and a complete system check out was in order

In Conclusion:

G&W Service Co has given back her life and a comfortable home, outside unit quiet, inside furnace cannot hear at all, new programmable t stat by Honeywell gave a more accurate reading of the temperature, piece of mind that her system has a 10 year parts warranty and knowledge of low electrical and gas usage from the utility providers, She knows her new HVAC system was installed by a dedicated team of professions that put a plan together and finished off with results she can now enjoy.