Automation Control

Automation Control_johnson-controlsCommercial AC Services for Building Automation and Control

At G & W Services, we understand that you want an A/C system that provides both comfortable climates as well as operates at a peak efficiency rate. Balancing this fine line is easy, with the help of G & W Services Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS).

automation control3With a building automation and control system in place, you can access and monitor your facility from nearly anywhere. All of your facilities’ energy use, heating, cooling, lighting and other functions are controlled from where you are.

Building Automation and Control have come a long way… you no longer have to feel chained to the same manufacturer for replacement or upgrades as you once have. With today’s advanced equipment along with the expertise that G & W Services provides, you can share important information from one equipment manufacturer to another.

automation control4If you already have a building automation and control system in place, you are aware of the savings it provides along with the ever-important workplace comfort. G & W Services wants to help install the right system to fit your facility and service the system with an affordable maintenance plan.

For more information on how we can help with your Climate Control Monitoring and Maintenance, Critical System Controls and Monitoring, Indoor/Outdoor Lighting and Controls or even Metering Utilities all within your building automation and controls system, please call us at 713-227-3404!