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lab air conditioningHouston’s strong economy got that way because of the large medical, technology, oil and gas and engineering businesses that make their home here. G & W Services Co. knows that special facilities make for special HVAC considerations.  Our highly-skilled, professional technicians have the expertise to
install, service, repair and retrofit special environments such as medical and science laboratories.


Multi_Chem Air Handler

Laboratory air conditioning can be challenging, with cost considerations and air quality and filtering being a major focus. Laboratory air conditioning considerations include precise cooling, room pressurization, aseptic environments and specialized room filtration, G & W Services Co. can apply our expertise and provide solutions for you for your specific laboratory air conditioning needs.

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Whether you are building a new laboratory or have one that needs its systems updated and retrofitted, have G & W Services Co. do an assessment of the specific needs and considerations of your laboratory air conditioning project. Call us at 713-227-3404.

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